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About the Owner and Moondial's Madness

I'm Geraldine, owner of Moondial's Madness.

People are often ask me where Moondial comes from. I chose the name from something I loved as a child, Moondial (1988) the TV series, based on the book by Helen Cresswell. This series sparked a love of all things gothic and Victorian from the age of around 8 yr old.

Back in the 80s when I was growing up, it was the era of punk, Sex Pistols and Anti Nowhere League, these bands on the radio, as a constant background to my life made me start the question everything, from questioning being bought up as a good little Christian girl to trying to envision a nuclear war and what it would mean to the life I had.

Therefore, I have always had a passion for all things alternative, all those things that make us unique, ranging from a gothic lifestyle to a bohemian one, from a love of home scents to a change in home scenery.

Myself and the business is based in East Sussex in the UK, but will gladly ship any orders worldwide and indeed engage in any conversations with anyone, anywhere.

I've been running Moondial's Madness since 2012 with a view to eventually opening a shop or chain of shops involving a small corner with a table for a cup of fair trade tea as you browse.

If you would like to get hold of me about anything on this website, I'm available on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and now Snapchat - user moondial_1980 


Oh, and as a mum, I must give a quncle shoutout for my young son's attempt at business on zazzle.