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Gothic Madness

Passions ~ Alternative Lifestyle

There's much to be said about the lifestyle we choose to lead. For many years I've chosen to follow an alternative lifestyle, my general aim since I was at primary school was to not fit into a niche as I didn't by natural default, so that wasn't too difficult. Those bullies did me a favour when I was that young.

I chose to follow a varied path of gothic background with a few hippy tendencies.


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Gothic Shopping Madness

I've been absent for some time, but I'm rediscovering my love of gothic again.
I've been trawling various sites & these were my discoveries:

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Small gothic collection

art design goth gothic Pagan Wiccan witch

I've been designing for many years now & some of my artwork will take a gothic angle to it. Part of the collection is here for those who have an interest.
All feedback is gladly received.
~ Thanks ~

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Addendum to: Top: Gothic Clothing Sites and Stores

addendum clothing definition goth gothic have a say lifestyle


Thank you to the owner of The Black Wardrobe for pointing out that Heavyred.com was missed out on my list of Top Gothic Clothing Sites & Stores. This was due to the fact that I am in the UK and rarely purchase from America due to Tax issues on shipments of goods into the UK.

Also I would like to mention that another good site for anyone of an Alternative nature would be Vampire Freaksa...

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Don't they think wierd?

definition difference goth gothic have a say lifestyle

Dragon around a Skull

Ah, but this is the beauty of goths. Most subjects that are taboo in 'normal' society are freely discussed and debated about. Death, religion, magick, mysticism, and many other topics that are only roached carefully outside of the gothic community. Most goths have realised that fear is only a reaction instilled in us by dogmatic propaganda, and once you realise there is nothing to fear from the...

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